Anatoly Vasilyev

Anatoly Nikolaevich Vasiliev (22.11.1940/Riga) - artist, architect.

After the war, his family lived in Poland and Germany, since 1954 - in Leningrad. Studied painting and drawing at the Palace of Pioneers led by artist M.A. Kaneyev. Since 1962 - participated in numerous exhibitions and demonstrations of unofficial artists. 1965 - graduated from the Faculty of Interior Finishing in Leningrad Higher Arts and Crafts College named after Vera Mukhina. 1965-1966 - participated in samizdat illustrated almanacs «Parus (Sail)» and «Chertopolokh (Thistle)» where he published his literary works. Joined the group «Petersburg» and TEII (Association of Experimental Fine Arts). Worked as an interior decorator.

One of the first non-conformists. Lives and works in St. Petersburg.