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Alexander Baturin.
1992. Canvas, oil. 100x73
Alexander Baturin.

1924-1930 - lived and studied in Shadrinsk. 1930 - arrived in Leningrad. 1931 - first met V. Sterligov, and started visiting his studio regularly. 1932 - was admitted to the workers' faculty (rabfak) of Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts, but was soon expelled because of his aristocratic origin. 1934 - V. Sterligov and his students were arrested. Baturin was detained for eight months in prison and later sent to Ufa in 1935. 1938 - was arrested again and sentenced to eight years (Usollag). 1956 - after full rehabilitation returned to Leningrad where met Sterligov for the second time. Worked in the graphic art facility dealing with industrial graphics, as well as drawing and painting. Since 1998 - an honorary member of the St. Petersburg Union of Artists. The first winner of the N.Punin's Prize (1994). 2002 - awarded the Order of Friendship, honorary member of the International Federation of Artists (IFA).

Works are in the collections:

The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg; The State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg; the Arkhangelsk Art Museum, the Museum of Organic Culture, Kolomna, and private collections in Russia, Holland, Germany, USA, France, B

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