Pavel Kondratiev

Pavel Mikhaylovich Kondratiev (27.11.1902/Saratov - ☦ 26.04.1985/Leningrad) - artist, painter.

1919 - studied at the School of Fine Arts at the Proletcult studio in Rybinsk. 1920 - the keeper of the Rybinsk History and Art Museum. 1921 - 1925 - studied in Higher Art and Technical Institute (the VHUTEIN), Petrograd, under the guidance of A. Karev, A. Savinov, and M. Matyushin. Since 1925 - studied under Pavel Filonov’s supervision, and became a member of the Association of Analytical Art Masters. Since 1932 - worked under Malevich’s guidance, then shifted to painting issues, together with L. Yudin, K. Rozhdestvenskiy, N. Suyetin. June 1941 - February 1945 - served as Chief of Masking Service of the Baltic Fleet Air Force.

1946 - returned to Leningrad. 1953 - professional trip to Chukotka. Participated in the creation of textbooks for the smaller nationalities of the North. The early 1960s - met Vladimir Sterligov. Got closer acquainted with the circle of his disciples. M.V. Matyushin’s ideas became most closely connected with his work. Died in Leningrad.