Yury Vasnetsov

Yuri Alekseevich Vasnetsov (04.04.1900/Vyatka - ☦ 03.05.1973) - artist, painter, schedule, set designer, illustrator.

Born in the family of a Vyatka priest and was distantly related to Victor and Apollinary Vasnetsov.
1921- arrived in Petrograd and joined the Faculty of Painting at GSHM (later Higher Art and Technical Studios - the VHUTEMAS); successfully graduated in
1926. Collaborated with the Department of Children’s and Young People’s Literature at the State Publishing House. Worked under the artistic supervision of Vladimir Lebedev. Studied in GINHUKe (State Institute of Artistic Culture) under Malevich’s guidance, was a postgraduate student at the Russian Academy of Arts.