Aleksander Labas

Aleksander Labas
Aleksander Arkadyevich Labas (19.02.1900/Smolensk - ☦ 30.08.1983/Moscow) - artist.

Since 1912 - studied at Imperial Stroganov School of Industrial Art.
Since 1917 - studied in State Art Studios (later known as VKhUTEMAS).
Since 1924 – taught Art and Chromatics in VKhUTEMAS.
In 1920-30s - engaged in stagecraft, making panoramas and dioramas for the Soviet pavilion at the World Exhibition in Paris (1937), the World’s Fair in New York (1939), for the main pavilion VSKhV (1938 - 1941). One of the founding members of the OST (Easel Society).
Buried in Moscow at the Vagankovo cemetery.