Nikolay Suetin

Nikolay Mikhaylovich Suetin (06.11.1897/the Myatlevskaya station of the Kaluga province - ☦ 22.02.1954/Leningrad) - suprematist artist. He worked as a graphic artist, a designer, and a ceramics painter.

During his studies at Cadet School got fond of M. Vrubel and M.Chyurlenis’s art. With the outbreak of World War I joined the army. 1918 - was admitted to Folk Art School established by M. Chagall in Vitebsk. The early 1919 – got acquainted with I.Puni and K.Malevich. 1920 - an Unovis (New Art Advocates’ Society) member. 1922 - together with Malevich moved to Petrograd. The late 1922 - began working for the State Porcelain Factory.Suetin’s porcelain was exhibited in numerous exhibitions. 1923-1924 - worked at various architectonic models. 1925 – headed the Ideology Department of Artistic Culture Institute.

1927 - made a series of colouring patterns for architecture and furniture projects. Some of his projects were done in collaboration with I. Chashnikov. 1928 - began working as an exhibition artist. Since 1932 – Chief Designer of the Leningrad Porcelain Plant. 1935 - organized K.Malevich’s funeral and created a monument at his grave in Nemchinovka near Moscow. Continued working as a porcelain artist and as a designer of exhibitions: the Soviet pavilion at the World Exhibition in Paris, 1937; Soviet pavilion at the World’s Fair in NewYork, 1939; an exhibition to Lermontov’s centenary (together with B. Ender), Moscow, 1941; Exhibition ‘Heroic Defense of Leningrad’, Leningrad, 1944-1949, and others. Died in Leningrad.