Vyacheslav Koleychuk

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Vyacheslav Koleychuk
Vyacheslav Fomich Koleychuk (16.12.1941/The Stepantsevo village, the Klin district of the - ☦ 08.04.2018/Kolomna of the Moscow region) - sound artist, musician, architect and visual artist.

1966 - graduated from Moscow Institute of Architecture, Urban Development Department.
1965 – 1967 - Member of the artists group ‘Dvizheniye (Movement)’.

1968– 1972 - the founder and member of the «Mir (World)» group.

1970 to 1977 - worked in the Central Research Institute of Theory and History of Architecture. Later worked at the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Technical Aesthetics.
Since 1996 - Lecturer, Department of Landscape Architecture, Moscow Institute of Architecture. Since 1997 - Professor of the Drawing Department, Moscow State Open Pedagogical University.

1970-1980 - published a number of articles in the journals «Decorative Arts of the USSR», «Technical aesthetics», All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Technical Aesthetics collections, as well as books ‘Mobile Architecture’ (1973) and ‘New Architectural Planning Structure’ (co-authored with Yu.S.Lebedev) (1978). Summary publication - the «Kinetic Movement» book.