Andrei Krasulin. «Peripheral vision»

/painting, drawing, sculpture/

Welcome to the opening of a full-scale exhibition showing 120 works made by Andrei Krasulin – an artist who has a gift of releasing fanciful forms from seemingly "rubbish" things.

Andrei Krasulin’s art is full of internal ringing stringlike Light. He is known as a minimalist artist but his minimalism can be experienced in the human scale. The artist is "the custodian of things, in the deepest sense", as he gives a second life to paper, cardboard, wood, stone, and iron – lives testifying that he does not establish the world order but only emphasizes and explicates it. The exhibition of Andrei Krasulin’s works in MOC is his another attempt to reconnect the earthly and heavenly world, as well as universal space and temporary space dissipated in seconds of human life.

Andrei Krasulin. «Peripheral vision»

27.09.2015 - 26.02.2016

The exhibition was held at:

Kolomna, Kremlin, Exhibition Hall, Brusensky lane, 31

Project Curators:

Andrei Krasulin, Sergej Gnedovskij, Irina Alikina