«The Students Of Vladimir Sterligov»

Exhibition "the Students of Vladimir Sterligov" located in the Exhibition hall of "Brusensky 31". Kolomna, Kremlin.

Vladimir Sterligov, the last artist of Russian avant-garde, a student of Malevich, who managed to get out of Suprematism, creating a unique plastic system. The path to the new system began from afar.Higher voltage these new quests have reached the Leningrad state Institute of artistic culture (GINHUKE), where the Director was Malevich, he headed departments of Vladimir Tatlin, Mikhail Matyushin, P. Mansurov, N. Puning. The GINHUKE became the research centre on development postkubistische problems. Here in dialogue with Malevich and other major masters of the twenties he possessed a high culture plastic form and was connected to the major artistic problems that have developed in the new Russian and European art.In I960, the year in creativity Sterligov was a sharp fracture, sudden and unexpected, like a revelation. T. Glebova wrote: “April 15, Sunday, V. S.

 I went to draw on Krestovsky island one. And there at the time I first saw and drew the bowl of heaven and earth”. This figure was “the First butterfly”. Sterligov saw a new space, and then realized its unexpected properties.Sterligov said: “the Square of Euclid was the measurement metric, the square of Malevich - the phenomenon of moral. The two-dimensional nature and the spiritual nature”. Spatial forms Sterligov also belong to the world “spiritual geometry”, not amenable to formalization, not expressible by the number and measure.In the field of color, the artist developed a kind of idea, which complements the discoveries of the past years.Malevich said that the color is a Creator in space. Sterligov could say: the color of the Creator in time.In his painting Sterligov sought to overcome the antinomy of subject and irrelevant. His work, even the figurative and natural, often contain a quality of irrelevance. Conversely, the very Pointlessness in his plastic world is the natural feeling - in color, in form. This happens because the artist notes that “the curve coincides with nature”. Sterligov often talked about “touch” in painting as a phenomenon of spiritual and philosophical. “Touch” - the physical act. “Touch” is a spiritual phenomenon.

Young artists gathered around Sterligov, very lucky: he opened before them a rich art culture of the Russian avant-garde, tightly sealed in vaults. He restored “the link of times” and fill the void.

E. F. Kovtun.“the wind blows where it wishes...Paintings and drawings of V. V. Sterligov”, an article given in a shortened version(1994-1995)

project Author and curator of the exhibition - Irina Alikina, art Director of the IOC.

«The Students Of Vladimir Sterligov»

25.09.2016 - 27.01.2017

The exhibition was held at:

Kolomna, Kremlin, Exhibition Hall, Brusensky lane, 31

Project Curator:

Irina Alikina