Gennadiy Zubkov. Exhibitions

Solo exhibitions

1967 – Reporting exhibition on the mastering of scenic basics in the studio of one of Sterligov’s students, Leningrad

1983 – «Evidence of Things Not Seen: Gennady Zubkov and the Leningrad Sterligov Group». Norton Dodge and Charlotte Douglas, American Center of Russian Culture, New York

1988 – «Gennady Zubkov. Leningrad». Hagelshtam Gallery, Helsinki

1989 – «The Third Wave of Russian Avant-Garde. Gennady Zubkov». Exhibition Hall of New Valamo monastery, Finland

1991 – «Gennady Zubkov. Painting and drawing». Gallery WIVI, Jyvaskyla, Finland

1993 – «On Location and in the Workshop». Concert And Exhibition Complex «Smolny Cathedral». St. Petersburg

1994 – «Impressionism Today». the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg

1995 – «In the Garden of the Martini family». Bochum, Germany

1999 – «Impressionistic Cubism». Gallery of Modern Art of Diana Beal, Washington

1999 – «Papaver L, or Botany Lessons». an exhibition of one picture. The State Russian Museum, St. .Petersburg

2000 – «The Day Before Yesterday, Yesterday, Today». The Gallery «S.P.A.S.», St. Petersburg

2000 – «Exhibition in Dalhauzene» Bochum, Germany 2000 – «Gennady Zubkov. Paintings and drawings». Gallery Nlkole Netuschil, Wermelskirchen, Germany

2000 – «Impressionistic Cubism». Gallery «Guild of Masters». St. Petersburg, exhibition hall of the Pushkin Museum, Mikhailovskoye, Russia

2001 – «Gennady Zubkov. Paintings and Drawings of St. Petersburg». Gallery Nikole Netuschil, Wermelskirchen, Germany

2002 – «Made in Amerika. Before and after September 11». The Exhibition Center of St. Petersburg Union of Artists 2003 – «Gennady Zubkov. Paintings». Gallery «Na Obvodnom». St. Petersburg

2004 – «Paintings and Graphics by Gennady Zubkov». Gallery «Guild of Masters». St. Petersburg

2005 – «Summer 2005. Montenegro». Gallery «S.P.A.S». St. Petersburg

2006 – «The Nature of the Eternal Feminity». the Palace of Culture «KINEF». Kirishi, Russia

2007 – «005, 006, 007» Gallery «S.P.A.S». St. Petersburg

2007 – «25 years». Gallery Nicole Netuschil, Wermelskirchen, Germany

2008 – «Gennady Zubkov. Retrospective 1967-2007». Gallery «Blue Square». Paris

2008 – «Transit». Gallery Klaus Spermann, Berlin

2009 – «Gennady Zubkov. Travel to Calderara di Reno». Gallery «Blue Square». Paris

2010 – Joint project with S. Bugayev (Africa). «Futorology / Russian Utopias». Center of Contemporary Culture «Garage». Moscow

2010 – «Almaty: Mountains Filled with Light». Foundation for Development of Fine Arts’, Gallery «July 12». St. Petersburg

2010 – «Elements». Gallery «S.P.A.S», St. Petersburg

2010 – «Futurology / Russian Utopias». a joint project with Sergey Bugayev (Africa), the Centre of Contemporary Culture «Garage». Moscow

2010 – «FORM + COLOUR» Erarta, the Museum of Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg

2010 – «Memory. Two Phases». a joint exhibition with Sergey Bugayev (Africa). Gallery «Iragui». Moscow

2011 – «GENNADY ZUBKOV = FORM + COLOUR». Galerie «Blue Square», Washington, USA

2011 – «Light of Silence» (together with Carlo Pisa), Gallery «Iragui». Moscow

2012 – «Gennady Zubkov: «Prismatic». Erarta Gallerie, London

Main exhibitions:

2010 – Reporting exhibition («It Happened in Penkovo»). Gallery «July 12». St. Petersburg

2010-2011 – «Straight Line. Bowl. Dome». Gallery «Wise-art», St. Petersburg

2011 – «Avant-Garde on the Neva. Sterligov’s Space». National Gallery of Art «Khazine», Tatarstan

2011 – The Colour of the Festival. Gallery «Di Di», St.-Petersburg

2011 – «Avant-Garde on the Neva. Sterligov’s Space». «Gallery». Izhevsk

2011 – MEMENTO MORI. The Arkhangelsk Museum of Fine Arts, Exhibition Hall of the Arkhangelsk branch of «The Russian Union of Artists», Arkhangelsk

2012 – Non-reporting Exhibition ( «It Happened in Penkovo II»)

2012 – «In the Forefront». Gallery «S.P.A.S» St. Petersburg.

2012 – «Form + Colour» «End of the Colour with the Invisible Beginning». The Museum of St. Petersburg Avant-Garde (Matyushin’s House), St. Petersburg.

2012 – «Art Association» Form + Colour». School». Painting, Drawing, Sculpture. The Museum of Nonconformist Art, St. Petersburg

2013 – «Winter Exhibition». Gallery «July 12», St. Petersburg

2013 – «Slovozor». Gallery «July 12». St. Petersburg

2013 – Leningrad Collection. The State Museum of History of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg

2013 – «Earth and Heaven». The Museum of Contemporary Art «Erarta». St. Petersburg

2013 – «Avant-Garde – A2 Forum. From the Black Square to Parallelosphere». Art Center «Pushkinskaya-10». St. Petersburg

2013 – «Going Back to Nature». Artistic Association «FORM + COLOUR». Kaikino, Volosovo district of the Leningrad region.

2013 – «Dedication to HELEN GURO». The State Museum of the History of St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg Avant-Garde Museum, St. Petersburg.