Mikhail Tserush about Larisa Astreyn

There are artists who can be defined in a word - organic. Organic harmony in a way of life when it is necessary to interact normally with environment, organic harmony in the relation to creativity without disproportional ambitions, organic harmony in the most creative manifestation when excessiveness of cultural information doesn't suppress individual manifestation, doesn't prevail.

Larisa has learned Bowl-Dome attitude not only by long-term efforts, but, also thanks to special interest in its basis and sources. In spite of the fact that Larisa personally didn't meet V. V. Sterligov, she has established internal dialogue with him and his generation that allowed her to enter the Sterligov circle organically.

Purity of feelings, accuracy of an interpretation of form, penetration into an essence of the represented event, unique colors characterize Larisa's works.