Alexander Kozhin. From the interview in MOC

Very strong and valuable experience in my life were the meetings and lessons with Vladimir Vasilyevich Sterligov. Everything was unusual, freshly, strange, and so unlike the institute where I was studying! Sterligov had a different level of art understanding, other authorities and knowledge of contemporary art, another very deep culture. After communication with Sterligov there was no desire of looking  for any other meetings, acquaintances, so interesting it was, there was a feeling of fullness, density of life. Classes were held on the nature (pictured «in the grooves,» as Vladimir Vasilyevich used to say), at his home, and in the studio of Tatiana Nikolaevna.

Sometimes it took place work analysis. We laid them on the floor, and it was terribly interesting, not always understandable conversation, but this analysis of what had been done, the arguments of Vladimir Vasilyevich formed us, his students, and moved us to a deeper understanding of the bases of painting. I think that this was the main thing. I do not remember methodically hard training course. Important topics were constantly present in the Sterligov’s analysis, and we, his students, step by step, accumulated them. But concrete tasks were also very interesting: for example, the task for «complementary colours».We had to take two colours, red and green, and with the maximum colour intensity «meet» them by finding for them form, quantity and quality, and it was quite difficult. Or the task «on the interobject space» when two objects formed the shape you in your turn should draw as an object.  Also we made copies (in pencil) of works by Picasso (Horta de Ebro, etc.) Then the tasks «on Suprematist surface…» – we drew by pencils of  different hardness «Suprematist weightlessness».

I have started to think about the «touch», «division» , «the color depths», «structure», «rhythm», «relationship», as about the things that had absolute value in the painting rather than secondary. It turned out to be its important components, internal mechanics. Yet the main thing that made the painting to be integral and alive - spiritual fullness. This is the main strength of Sterligov’s creations!

We, the students of Vladimir Vasilyevich, are united by the problem of  space, and I hope that in my works I am trying to solve this problem.

«Each person has its own art history», - said Sterligov. I came to him with my own, where there was a lot of impressions, names of artists, scraps of someone wise thoughts, feelings ... Such a porridge. And I am grateful to Sterligov for the fact that he set the direction, helped me to understand something, to establish myself, and not only in art ... I shared with him everyday matters and personal problems. In fact, he was my spiritual father.

More over I would like to say about the absolute unselfishness of Vladimir Vasilyevich, how he was glad of someone else's success, he gathered us, his students, and filled our meetings with meaning, interest and sense of  high Spirit. The light memory to him!

Alexander Kozhin. From the interview in MOC