Elena Gritsenko. Exhibitions

Solo exhibitions

1976 – solo exhibition in the workshop of T.N.Glebova and V.V. Sterligov

1991 – «Elena Gritsenko. Painting and Drawing». Lecture, Russian Museum, Leningrad

1994 – «Elena Gritsenko. Painting and Drawing». Gallery «Guild of Masters»

1997 – «Plus Three». Showroom «Nevograf». St. Petersburg

2006 – Solo exhibition in the exhibition «All Petersburg». Central Exhibition Hall «Manege», St. Petersburg

2010 – «Elena Gritsenko. Works of different years» Creative Union of Artists, the IFA, St. Petersburg

Main exhibitions

1974 – Exhibition of Underground Artists. Palace of Culture named after I.I. Gaz, Leningrad

1975 – Exhibition of Underground Artists. Palace of Culture «Nevsky», Leningrad

1978 – «18 Leningrad Artists». Gallery of Modern Art, Yerevan

1985 – «International Book Fair», Moscow

1988 – «Sterligov, his Disciples and Followers». Exhibition Hall of the Directorate of the Association of Leningrad Regional Museums

1989 – «From Unofficial Art to Perestroika». Exhibition Hall in «Harbour», Leningrad

1990 – «Sterligov’s Group». The Museum of the History of Leningrad, Leningrad

1992 – «Contemporary Art of Leningrad». Norway

1991 – «The Sky and the Firmament».Central Exhibition Hall, Leningrad

1991 – «Contemporary Artists’ Tribute to Malevich». The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow

1991 – «Artists from Leningrad». Gallery «GEDOK».Hamburg, Germany

1992 – «Towards Malevich». Vienna, Austria

1992 – «Art Contact». The IFA, the Central Exhibition Hall «Manege», St. Petersburg

1995 – «Sterligov’s Group. Paintings from Russia». Neuhoff Gallery, New York, USA

1995 – «A Woman and her Time: the Forties and Nineties». The State Museum of City History, St. Petersburg

1996 – «Next to Sterligov».