Irina Karasik about Alexander Baturin

Alexander Baturin was the first educated Vladimir Sterligov artnicknames. He shared his difficult SudBU - arrest in 1934, link, comthe room from which the teacher and student met again, continuing togeprivate lessons. In his landscapes, OPIERAS on cubist techniques obobtion, but not breaking with the real object, creates Buchanan Majesty,governmental image of the eternal nature. In his dark and resonant "crystallinecal” landscape, trees, sky, water, shrouded in a mystery and live its toindependent from human life.

the Artist captures the rethe result of a trigger of the creative effort itself, of nature.

Irina Karasik

Space Sterligov. series “avant-garde on the Neva» SPb 2001 p. 102