Michael Tserush. Interview with MOC

For me the teacher was always truthful, and it was the most valuable and important in formation of my art outlook from experience of his school.

When Vladimir Vasilyevich Sterligov spoke, all of us were listening to him with a sinking heart. Everything that he spoke about had a strong positive effect. Sterligov’s words as well as his art, had depth and openness, they revealed the person and liberated him – at once there was a wish to work and to find in the work the grains of the truth …

Painting, graphics, reliefs, assemblages are a process of cognition, comprehension of the things that interest me in art. Probably, that’s why at the end of each work, I come to such interpretation of the form which would satisfy to V. V. Sterligov’s words: «Don’t be afraid to make a form beautiful». And my color is not always direct reflection of beauty in the nature, but I choose it a priori for continuation to reach the conclusion: red-red, white-white, black-black pictures.

But always it is explained in the terms of Bowl-Dome space even if there is no direct following to this concept. It should be expressed in a formula «structure-form». A new form is an opportunity for our imagination to supplement, develop further the things, which have been already reached, «A concept of the open work» (Humberto Eco).

Mikhail Tserush