Valentina Solovyova

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Valentina Solovyova
Valentina Vasilyevna Solovyova (1946/Ovsyannikova village, the Lesnoye district, the Tver region) - artist.

Since 1951 - lives in Leningrad.
1957 - studied painting at the Palace of Pioneers in S. Levin’s art studio, Since 1961 – took drawing classes in V.I. Suvorov’s studio.
1971 - graduated from Higher School of Industrial Arts named after V.I. Mukhina.
1972 – got acquainted with V.V. Sterligov and worked under his supervision
1973 - joint T.N. Glebova in sketching work.
Participated in numerous group exhibitions.

The artist’s works are in the collections of:

The State Museum of History of St. Petersburg; the Municipal Museum «Tsarskoye Selo Collection», Pushkin; The Museum of Nonconformist Art, St.

Petersburg; the Nations Museum, Moscow; the Museum of the St. Petersburg Eparchy; the Museum of Organic Culture, Kolomna, Russia; Directorate of the Association of the Leningrad Regional Museums; the IFA.

A. Kiselev, V. Solovyov, A. Gostintsev and L. Aleksandrov, A. Kozhin - in the apartment of Vladimir Sterligov


Valentina Solovyova. Exhibitions

«The Students Of Vladimir Sterligov»

25.09.2016 - 27.01.2017 /

Kolomna, Kremlin, Exhibition Hall, Brusensky lane, 31

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Irina Alikina